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Emergency Mail Ballot Law

Representative Shanley sponsored a law that amends the state’s emergency mail ballot procedures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation adds an additional option for securing a mail ballot by permitting emergency ballot applications to be processed at local boards of canvassers in person on electronic poll pads, which allows voters to cast their ballot and place it into a voting machine. Voters have up to 20 days before the election to vote in this manner. Press Release

Accessory Dwellings Law

Representative Shanley sponsored a law that helps homeowners to build on to their houses to provide space for relatives by redefining “family member” for purposes of zoning ordinances to include child, parent, spouse, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents, grandchildren, domestic partner, sibling, care recipient, or member of the household. Press Release

Titles For Recreational Vehicles

Representative Shanley sponsored a law that allows the Department of Transportation to issue certificates of title for recreational vehicles. Banks require a title on these vehicles as part of the loan process, but state law did not. Press Release

Law Creating Online Privacy Commission

Representative Shanley introduced a  resolution creating the Rhode Island Online Data Transparency and Privacy Protection Commission. The panel was charged with making a comprehensive study and providing recommendations on legislation and regulations for protecting individuals from disclosures of personally identifiable information through the Internet. Representative Shanley served as chairman of the commission. Press Release

Reproductive Privacy Act

Representative Shanley co-sponsored a law that codifies the privacy rights and reproductive freedoms guaranteed by the United States Supreme Court in the case Roe v. Wade and its progeny. Press Release

Car Tax Elimination

In 2017, Representative Shanley in his first year in the House of Representatives supported and pushed for legislation that eliminates the dreaded automobile excise tax by phasing it out over a period of several years. It is scheduled to be eliminated altogether by 2024. Press Release

Recording Gay/Transgender Military Discharges As Honorable

Representative Shanley cosponsored legislation that extends veterans’ benefits to gay or transgender members of the armed forces who failed to receive honorable discharges due solely to their sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Press Release

Elder Abuse Legislation

Representative Shanley cosponsored a law that requires people who have reasonable cause to believe a person over age 60 is being abused, neglected or mistreated to report it to the Division of Elderly Affairs, which will report the incident to law enforcement if appropriate and intervene. Press Release

Air Quality Monitoring At T.F. Green Airport

Representative Shanley cosponsored a law that calls for long-term air monitoring at four sites located near T.F. Green Airport to determine the impact of air pollutants, which may be harmful to public health on the densely populated, primarily residential area of the city of Warwick that surrounds the airport. Press Release

Mistreatment Of Animals

Representative Shanley cosponsored a law that prohibits mistreatment of animals — specifically the failure to provide adequate water, shelter or veterinary care. It also prevents exposure for a period of more than 15 minutes whenever a weather advisory or warning has been issued. Press Release

Rights And Responsibilities Of Drivers

Representative Shanley cosponsored a law that requires driver’s education courses to include lessons on what drivers should do if pulled over by a law enforcement officer. It also requires driver’s instruction courses and tests to include instruction and information on the rights of drivers during a traffic stop. Press Release

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